Why Beard Oil is So Great!

Why Beard Oil Is the Best Beard Product

Wouldn’t it be nice if it didn’t require any work to grow the perfect beard? Many men dream of just waking up one day and having the perfectly manicured beard of their dreams. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t happen. Growing- and maintaining- a beard takes quite a bit of work. As a man with a beard, it’s essential that you have an armoury of beard care products in your cabinet. When you use high-quality products on your beard, you can spend less time tending to your beard because the products do all the work. Beard oil is one of these magic products.

You may notice that on our website, we sell beard balm and beard soap- not just beard oil. While we are passionate about our balms and soap as well, there is no denying the countless benefits of beard oil. When you use a high-quality beard oil, you won’t have to use as much of your other beard products. Beard oil truly does it all. If you’re new to growing a beard- or are just looking to change up your skin care and beard care routines- here is a bit more information on why beard oil is the best beard product:

  • Beard oil gets under your beard: There are many different beard products out there, from oils to balms. However, one of the unique benefits of beard oil is that it gets under your skin. Beard oil is a moisturizer that can penetrate beneath your hair to also work as part of your moisturizing skin care routine.

  • Beard oil is natural: It’s hard to find beard products that are fully natural, but most beard oils- including those made by the East Coast Beard Bros- are made with essential oils. Essential oils give the beard oil a pleasant smell without doing any damage to your actual beard.

  • Beard oil is versatile: Some beard products are only necessary if you have a long beard or a particular style that you prefer. However, one of the many benefits of beard oil is that it’s incredibly versatile. It can nourish, moisturize, and relieve itching in long beards, short beards, and even stubble!

East Coast Beard Bros - Beard Oil

Needless to say, beard oil is a must. If you want to grow out a long, full beard- or you just want to keep your short beard healthy- you need to be using beard oil. The benefits of beard oil are quite extensive. This one product can moisturize, prevent “beardruff,” keep your beard healthy, prevent acne, help your beard grow in quicker and fuller, make styling easier, and add a nice fragrance. No other beard product can do all of those things! If you’re interested in purchasing your own beard oil, look no further. At the East Coast Beard Bros, we offer affordable, high-quality beard oils in a wide range of scents. Whether you want to smell like apricot and Patchouli, peach and lime, or cedarwood, we’ve got you covered! All of our beard oils are made with the most effective and nourishing ingredients. Browse through our collection today!

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