High Park Beard Oil
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High Park Beard Oil

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A powerhouse beard oil that cleans, hydrates and stimulates your beard. A whole beard-routine in one step, for the minimalist who wants maximum results.
Slow absorbing, delivering continuous hydration to your facial scruff. Ideal for the cold, dry winter months - the perfect beer-boggoning accessory!

The other deets.

Apricot Kernel oil is highly nourishing, particularly in vitamin A (a natural retinol) which improves scalp condition and promotes hair growth.
Basically a beard grow-op in a bottle.
Avocado oil is enriched with vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E and Beta carotene. It acts as a protein booster for your beard hairs, helping them grow healthy and strong.
Neem Oil is loaded with fatty acids and known for its cleansing properties, keeping your fresh and hydrated all day and night. It can solidify in cold temperatures, but a simple hot water bath will bring it back to life!
Aside from the sexy man scent, Patchouli Essential oil is a highly effective astringent, keeping your beard clean and deodorized. Probably not as effective on your armpits, though.

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